Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't skip!!


The important meal to start your day is breakfast!Don't skip as it will provide energy that you need to perform your activity.During that day, your glucose level is low,if you skip your breakfast you will have no energy to start your day thus you will feel lethargy, sleepy, 'tak bermaya' and all the not so good feeling.

For those who skipped breakfast, they will tend to eat more during lunch, this is not good okay because it will cause you to increase your weight instead of losing weight.

To lose your weight, take your breakfast not by skipping breakfast, that is not the right way to lose your weight.
"Eating breakfast is one way that will aid sensible weight loss for people who are overweight or morbidly obese. The mistaken view is that consuming fewer calories will mean a slimmer figure. While there is some truth to this, missing breakfast is not the right time to cut down on calories in order to lose weight. The metabolism is slower in people who miss breakfast, which can actually hinder a person from losing weight, rather than help them. The National Weight Loss Registry, which has helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight and keep it off, strongly encourages people to eat breakfast, as part of their weight loss programme"
(S. Spyrou Schneider, 2007)

Here's the only some info about breakfast,for further info you can google it.=)
Enjoy your breakfast!!!=)

p/s : Alhamdulillah,finally we did it!Community nutrition project at Sek Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Kuantan , entitled breakfast improve student's performance.Congratz friends!!May Allah be with us~

Here's some pic during the programme:

Aerobic session,lead by Farid, Safwan, Rahman

Talk 1, by Rusyda

Talk 2, by Mardhiah

Group binding


Practical session

The commited commitee ;)

The highest gratitudes to Allah S.W.T . He is the BEST planner and coordinator!

Credits to Farid, Safwan, Yana, Fiza for helping us to become part of the facilitator

Thank you also to others, Husna, Izzah, Zety for your support=)

Special thanks to sponsor, Gardenia & Dutch Lady=))

Not forget,SBPIK=)


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